About Me

As an accomplished full-stack developer with over seven years of expertise, my journey in software engineering and diverse technologies has been both rewarding and dynamic. I thrive on creative problem-solving, driven by a deep passion for coding and an insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies. My commitment lies in delivering innovative solutions, optimizing performance, and making a meaningful impact in collaborative environments.



a cutting-edge tool in the field of protein science that utilizes K-D Tree and advanced algorithms to efficiently calculate the solvent-accessible surface area of proteins with significantly improved accuracy and performance. It also includes additional features such as generating reports for neighbors and critical residues, enhancing its versatility for protein analysis.

Python FastAPI Biopython SciKit Numpy
Resume / CV

A sleek and modern template skillfully created with the flexible Tailwind CSS framework. Use and customize it to showcase your professional journey effectively. Furthermore, the project was deployed serverless, enhancing efficiency and flexibility.

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