About Me

As an accomplished full-stack developer with over seven years of expertise, my journey in software engineering and diverse technologies has been both rewarding and dynamic. I thrive on creative problem-solving, driven by a deep passion for coding and an insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies. My commitment lies in delivering innovative solutions, optimizing performance, and making a meaningful impact in collaborative environments.


BlueCloud Inc Logo
Senior Software Engineer
BlueCloud Inc
Florida, USA
Full Time
Nov 2023 – Present

Contribute to the development, and maintenance of software solutions, leveraging expertise in software engineering.

  1. Engineer software solutions in collaboration with the team.
  2. Enhance and maintain software systems for optimal performance.
PHP JavaScript API Git Docker AWS Microservices
Proxify AB Logo
Senior Software Engineer
Proxify AB
Stockholm, Sweden
Part Time
Feb 2022 – Present

Workings as a contracted full stack web developer specializing in tailored solutions for clients.

  1. Development of customized websites, web applications, and scalable web services.
  2. Maintenance of microservices and legacy codes, ensuring testability and scalability.
  3. Consistent delivery of high-quality, efficient, and reliable solutions through web development.
PHP Laravel JavaScript Interia.JS React.JS Tailwind Vite API Postman 2FA Git Bash CI/CD Docker AWS Microservices
App-Room Ghmb Logo
Senior Software Engineer (BE-Heavy)
App-Room Ghmb
Aargau, Switzerland
Full Time
March 2022 – May 2023

Building a robust API for the Sports Data Service (SPODAS) project, facilitating seamless data exchange among suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers.

  1. Developed a robust API using PHP and the Slim Framework, along with streamlined endpoint management through Postman.
  2. Designed and optimized database structures using MariaDB and MongoDB to enhance data quality and enable faster queries, contributing to project efficiency.
  3. Employed automated testing techniques and Docker for the development server to ensure the delivery of reliable code.
  4. Utilized Jira along Git for project management in an Agile-Driven (Scrum) environment.
  5. Collaborated with VueJS front-end developers in a cross-functional team to create integrated web applications.
PHP Slim Framework Vue.JS REST Postman JWT Jira TDD Git Linux Docker MongoDB MariaDB
X-Port Services Inc Logo
Full Stack Developer
X-Port Services Inc
New Jersey, USA
Full Time
April 2019 – Nov 2022

Developed a web management system application for a freight forwarding company's trucking and storagedepartment, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and workflow.

  1. Integrated Laravel's features for enhanced functionality.
  2. Employed websocket tools for real-time data transmition between dispatchers and drivers.
  3. Enabled various live tracking features for customers, offering customizable notification options.
  4. Proposed and successfully deployed numerous automation systems within the warehousing operations.
PHP Laravel WebSocket MariaDB Bootstrap jQuery Docker DataTables AirTable
AlpineShop Logo
Full Stack Developer
Tehran, Iran
Full Time
June 2017 – March 2019

Developed a e-commerce website for a car audio retailer, fully equipped with robust features.

  1. Leveraged Laravel, ReactJS, and cutting-edge technologies.
  2. Implemented a comprehensive product management system.
  3. Streamlined order processing, inventory tracking, and customer management for over a hundred active customers.
  4. Simplified shipping, delivery, and invoice generation for seamless operations.
  5. Applied a dynamic pricing system to adapt to unstable market situations effectively.
PHP Laravel SCSS JavaScript jQuery React.JS Redux WebPack BootStrap MySQL Linux NGNIX