About Me

As an accomplished full-stack developer with over seven years of expertise, my journey in software engineering and diverse technologies has been both rewarding and dynamic. I thrive on creative problem-solving, driven by a deep passion for coding and an insatiable curiosity for emerging technologies. My commitment lies in delivering innovative solutions, optimizing performance, and making a meaningful impact in collaborative environments.


Tarbiat Modares University
Master in Bioinformatics
2019 - 2022
  1. Conducted virtual screening of COVID-19 inhibitors targeting SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein's receptor-binding domain (RBD). Evaluated 54 FDA-approved drugs for binding affinity to ACE2 receptor, identifying potential compounds for viral invasion prevention. [Journal]
  2. PDBTools, a cutting-edge tool in the field of protein science that utilizes K-D Tree and advanced algorithms to efficiently calculate the solvent-accessible surface area of proteins with significantly improved accuracy and performance. It also includes additional features such as generating reports for neighbors and critical residues, enhancing its versatility for protein analysis.
  3. ProteinReferenceCompare, a powerful tool designed for protein evolution comparison, utilizing point reference to identify peak residues with consistent or unreproducible changes. It generates categorized and classified evolution analysis, aiding in protein research and analysis.
Python FastAPI Biopython SciKit Numpy Pandas REST Postman Linux Bash Git
University of Science and Culture
Bachelor in Software Engineering
2017 - 2019
  1. Competed in ACM ICPC-2017 and Sharif AI Challenge 2018
  2. Formulated a local flight tracker web app with a visual map containing flight detail information
  3. Created a 3D maze game using Three.js and WebGL
  4. Scripted an Arduino simulating the experience of amusement park rides by transiting the movements of multiple 360-degree virtual reality videos to three pneumatic jacks.
Python PHP JavaScript WebGL Three.JS Wireframes Design Patterns
Shamsipour University
Associate in Software Engineering
2015 - 2017
  1. Undertook the development of a versatile dynamic portfolio profile builder and manager using Laravel, enabling users to effortlessly create, customize, and manage their portfolios.
PHP Laravel SQLite HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery